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Patient Testimonials


Microdisectomy: Mona Elsohly

Mona experienced extreme back pain and underwent surgery by Dr. Chitale. Her powerful testimony shows the impact that a truly great doctor can have on a pivotal moment in someone’s life.


Danielle Howell
We often ask our patients, “How would you want your closest loved ones to be cared for?” Most often they settle for nothing short of perfection. After finding solace in the compassionate, brilliant hands of Dr. Maloon following an on-the-job accident, Danielle knew exactly who to turn to when her daughter needed help…



Mary Schneider
Like most of us—had the doctor jitters. In this information age, how easy is it to feel frightened with the worst-case scenario? Enter Dr. Chitale. With a brilliant team and calming assurance, he gave Mary the greatest gift she could have asked for.

Chronic migraines: Kathy Blacksmith

Migraines are a pain – literally. Kathy chats about her struggles through migraines and previous doctors trying to find help. Dr. Maloon did one thing for her to change  how she lives her life…


Jan Hildabrant

Think about someone you’ve trusted for over 15 years. They’re likely one of the most authentic, unfailing sources of comfort in your life, right? Jan would agree. After going from 2 to 3 debilitating migraines a month to 2-3 a YEAR, Dr. Maloon was a doctor for life.

ACDF: Steven Zonsa

Mr. Zonsa couldn’t stand up straight when he walked into our office at Premier Neurosurgical Institute. Find out what happened…

Patient of Dr. Alan Maloon, Bob Stevens

Mr. Bob Stevens just wanted to play golf again with his friends and run his business like normal again. Dr. Maloon made that possible.

Laminectomy: Nancy Lammons

Cleaning, vacuuming, and doing daily tasks were impossible for Nancy Lammons. That is, until she saw Dr. Chitale.

ACDF: Randy Wilt

Randy Wilt had quite the experience at Premier Neurosurgical…

DSC: Michael Channin

Michael Channin wanted one thing – to dance with his wife again. He did just that at a family wedding after surgery from Dr. Chitale.


Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF)

Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF)

ACDF and Lumbar Microdiscectomy

Brain Tumor Surgery