Non-Surgical Pain Management

Non-Surgical Pain Management Information

The Premier NeuroSurgical Institute we strive to improve the quality of life by targeting pain at its source. Our philosophy is patient centered, and our doctors work as a team with patients and their family members to restore wellness to those suffering from acute and chronic pain. We offer a wide variety of methods starting with non-surgical treatment options. We are able to treat a variety of diagnoses.

Some of the types of pain we treat are:

Headaches – migraines, cervicogenic
Acute – low back pain, neck pain from disk/bone spur impingement of nerves
Chronic – low back/neck pain from arthritis, stenosis impingement
Sciatica – nerve compression pain
Post Surgical – scar tissue pain, nerve injury pain
Spinal Arthritis – swollen joints and facet impingement
Cancer Pain – involving bone/spine/visceral pain
Neuralgia/Neuritis – zoster, herpes, chronic irritation


Non Surgical Treatment Options:

Epidural Steroid Injections
Transforaminal Epidural (cervical/lumbar/thoracic)
Intercostal Blocks
Cervical/lumbar sympathetic blocks
Facet Nerve Blocks and Facet Radiofrequency Rhizotomy
Intrathecal Pain Pumps – needed for morphine or baclofen (spasticity treatment)
Botox Injection for Headaches
Spinal Cord Stimulation Percutaneous Trail/permanent Placements