Quentin Jenkins, PA-C

Physician’s Assistant

Quentin Jenkins has been a board certified Physician’s Assistant for over 13 years. Prior to becoming a Physician’s Assistant, Quentin worked in the operating rooms as a surgical tech for 15 years. For six of those years he was the first assistant to a neurosurgeon during surgical procedures.

Quentin Jenkins, PA

After years of assisting in surgical procedures Quentin decided to pursue his dream of becoming a Physician’s Assistant. He attended Louisiana State University-Shreveport Physician Assistant (PA) Program. Since graduating from PA school, Quentin has worked alongside neurosurgeons, and has gained valuable experiences in patient care. Quentin started working with Dr. Chitale in 2007. At Premier Neurosurgical Institute, Quentin is responsible for all new patient evaluations, and also assists Dr. Chitale in surgical procedures at our Ambulatory Surgical Center

“My goal and mission for treating patients includes trying to provide the best care by taking time and listening to their concerns and complaints. I strive to help formulate a treatment plan that best suits their needs, every time.”

At Premier Neurosurgical Institute, a patient will be evaluated by Quentin. Then, he will hear the complaints and determine what type of diagnostic testing is appropriate. The patient will get the ordered testing done, in-office on the same day. Dr. Chitale will review the imaging with Quentin/Kristen to give the patient their results and treatment options. Quentin will then discuss with the patient what the treatment plan that he and Dr. Chitale formulated was.

Quentin has worked with Dr. Chitale for over 10 years and their teamwork has helped thousands of patients feel relief from their back and/or neck pain.